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Prudentia Law’s legal team is focused on providing specialised property, commercial law and trust advice to meet each customer’s unique needs and requirements. 

We have multi-disciplinary team members with legal, tax and accounting qualifications for assisting with clients’ total personal and business legal issues. Our firm specialises in advising in the areas of:





The purchase of a property for your home is a major event in your life.

Buying or Selling

We advise all our clients that it is highly preferable to get expert advice from us, before signing anything when it comes to purchasing a property. 
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Trusts | Wills | Estates

Setting up a Trust is a legal way of protecting your assets for the future.

Protect your future.

Trusts are becoming an increasingly popular way of protecting property and managing assets. 
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Setting up a new business or navigating the minefield that is running a successful business can be a daunting task.

All your business legal issues covered.

There are many aspects to this specific area and you want to be assured that you have the best commercial law advice possible, to empower you to make the best decisions for your business. 
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Prudentia Law’s Other Services


Prudentia Law’s legal team is focused on providing specialised trust, property and commercial advice to meet each customer’s unique needs and requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team members, with legal, tax and accounting qualifications for assisting with client’s total personal and business legal issues. 


The process of separating out assets on the breakdown of a relationship can be an emotional and complicated process.  As lawyers we need to review the asset base of the relationship from a relationship property perspective and then provide advice to you as to a suitable process to take and outcome to anticipate.

While we always encourage people to attempt to come to property agreements from an amicable perspective this is not always the case.  However, it is important to consider that the more drawn out a process a separation settlement becomes the more likely the stress and costs will increase with that increase in time.

Prudentia Law has a basic questionnaire that can allow separating couples to provide a framework on their own time as to what assets are agreed to be split and the methodology for that.  To that end time and money can often be saved with avoiding any unnecessary exchanges between the parties’ professional advisors.

The area of solvency for an individual often raises its head when the economics times are not so good and people may have over-extended themselves.  High levels of debt, personal guarantees related to failed businesses and/or adverse litigation results can see people facing large creditor bills or damages which they cannot pay.

If such a situation arises it is important to get advice around what steps can be taken.  Often there are methods to deal with personal insolvency that do not involve instantly bankrupting oneself.

If you find yourself in a difficult financial position and are wanting to know what options you have with regards to dealing with your creditors, feel free to get in touch with us.



Relationship property is an area that involves no hard-and-fast rules, but one which is continually evolving to meet the changes within society.  In a nut shell, it involves the rights of parties in respect of assets of those in a marriage or de facto relationship. 

Let Prudentia Law assist with implementing an appropriate relationship property agreement for you in order to protect assets you have built up from your hard effort and expense from being diluted if your relationship was to come to an end.





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  • Prudentia Law is a specialist property, commercial law and trust firm.
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What Our Clients Say

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have put into our property purchase and especially dealing with the issues that had arisen due to our previous law firm’s mishandling of our matter. We really do appreciate the excellent work you have done for us during those stressful times, and we will certainly call on you and Prudentia in the future. Once again thank you and the team at Prudentia.

Frenzy and Alyssa
Andrew and his team made the process of buying our new home painless. They were efficient and great to deal with and worked within tight deadlines to make it all happen. We were so impressed that we again turned to Prudentia for legal advice and assistance in setting up our family trust.
They are true to their word in that they offer practical, easy to understand advice. They ensured that we were comfortable with, and well informed regarding every step of the process. I highly recommend Andrew and his team for any property or trust legal requirements.
SC Whiting
Thank you Andrew for your expertise, excellent and effective advice, your thorough investigations when needed and expert legal support going through Employer issues.
Throughout the recent sale of our property, thank you for finalising all the complexities needed to provide us with a service beyond what others provide, and we are so very grateful to have been able to receive our completed settlement funds the day of settlement.
We continue to recommend you to our family and friends and they have benefitted from your advice and support.
H & B Thompson
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