The team at Prudentia Law is highly experienced at determining the best Trust structure to suit your personal circumstances. We offer a comprehensive Trust package, which includes the following services.

1. Preparation of the Trust Deed
2. Incorporation of an Independent Trustee Company
3. Conveyance of your family home and/or other property into the Trust
4. Documentation of the Acknowledgement of Debt and Gifting documents for your initial gifting
5. Wills & Powers of Attorney for the Settlors/Appointors
6. IRD Registration for the Trust
7. Trustee Resolutions & Ongoing Trust Management

We will meet with you to sign the Trust Deed and other relevant documents, and to answer any questions you may have about your Trust.

At these meetings we will explain in detail the clauses in the Trust Deed, how the Trust operates, how your Gifting Programme will operate, what protection you are offered and what tax benefits you may gain (if any).

We are available on an ongoing basis to provide you with the necessary Trustee Resolutions for any actions taken by the Trustees in order to document the effective management of your Trust.