If you are in business, dealing with employment matters will no doubt come of necessity if your business is to grow. It is vital to know that there are legislative requirements when it comes to employing staff and, therefore, care always needs to be taken at the outset of the employment process.

Prudentia Law can assist clients with the documentation process to putting together an employment agreement, but often we can also provide invaluable advice around what type of employment you should even be considering.

Options such as casual staffing, fixed-term contracts and probationary periods should be included in the decision-making process before hiring a new staff member, because often simply offering a full time role isn’t the best option to a business.

We are happy to provide services in regards to creating employment agreements, and we can also assist with areas such as providing legal advice on processes for disciplining staff and the traps and pit-falls when you are at the point of needing to fire a staff member.

Remember, get legal advice first, before finding your actions in dismissing an employee end up coming back to hurt your business.