The PRICE you chose to sell your property is likely to be a reflection of a number of different variables including:

Current market values of similar properties;
The level of debt you currently have owing against the property; and
Costs associated with the sale, i.e. Real Estate Agent commissions and legal fees

Obviously, you will be trying to achieve a sale for the highest value possible from the eventual Purchaser. However, during the negotiation phase, it is important to be mindful that the highest price offered may often not be the best offer to accept. Often a Purchaser may make an OFFER that is a high price, but the contract has some conditions in it that may never be able to be satisfied by the Purchaser. In such a situation, if you have signed such a CONDITIONAL AGREEMENT valuable time may be lost while dealing with an Initial Purchaser, who does not have the ability to go UNCONDITIONAL while a more suitable Purchaser, albeit at a lower price, may be lost.

Please CONTACT US so we can assist you where you have multiple offers.

You may also find yourself in a position where you have multiple CONDITIONAL CONTRACTS on foot at one time, whereby one contract is reliant on an earlier contract being cancelled. If this is the case, it is sensible to have us assisting with multiple contract situations before things become untidy. CONTACT US